5 Free WordPress Plugins That Help You Create And Manage HTML Tables

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Tables are a great way of presenting a lot of information to your visitors in an easily digestible format. Whereas styling tables with CSS can be an art form, creating basic tables is incredibly easy. It can be time consuming if you are creating tables regularly though.

Today I would like to show you 5 plugins for WordPress that allow you to create and manage HTML tables with ease. They are free to download, easy to use and will speed up the process of displaying tables on your site.

* As always, all plugins were tested for the purpose of this article :)

1. WP Table Reloaded

A fantastic plugin for those of you who aren’t comfortable using HTML. To create a table you simply need to enter the number of rows and columns you want. The data can be modified easily. You can change the order in which data is displayed and insert links and images directly into the cells too.

Rows and columns can be switched too. All you need to do is select the rows and columns that you want to change around.

WP Table Reloaded

It’s easy to style tables too. By default row colours are alternated to make it easier to read information. You can also highlight rows when someone hovers over it. The head, footer and description can be added to the table too and if you want to customise the style of the table more, you can link to an external style sheet.

WP Table Reloaded

WP Table Reloaded: Information | Download

2. Custom Tables

A feature rich plugin that is perhaps more suitable to those who have experience administrating MySQL databases. CSS can be edited directly through the admin area and data can be imported into tables using CSV files.

Custom Tables

Custom Tables: Information & Download

3. Easy Table Creator

A user friendly plugin that adds a table creation button to your post editor. You need to make sure you do not have the visual editor disabled when writing posts as the button is only added to the advanced editor.

Easy Table Creator

Creating tables is a breeze. By default a table of four by four rows is created though you can add and remove more columns and rows easily.

Easy Table Creator

Easy Table Creator: Information & Download

4. WP Compare Tables

Another plugin that is perfect for those of you who aren’t comfortable editing HTML code. When you add columns you can set the cell to include text, an image or a link.

WP Compare Tables

The plugin comes with a clean blue design for your table though you can style tables yourself if you wish.

WP Compare Tables

WP Compare Tables: Information & Download

5. TinyMCE Advanced

One of the most popular advanced post editors for WordPress, TinyMCE Advanced also features a user friendly table creation option. You can drag and drop the table buttons anywhere in your post editor layout.

TinyMCE Advanced

Creating a table is very straight forward. The number of rows, columns, table width, alignment and styling can be set. It’s not as advanced as WP Table Reloaded and is much more suited to those of you who want something simple.

TinyMCE Advanced

TinyMCE Advanced: Information & Download

What’s your favourite plugin for creating HTML tables?


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  • Comment by niharika

    I am a student, and I am learning wordpress. I want to create table for storing result of student. And based on student roll number and class result of student displayed.I know how to go through it using html, php and mysql. It works fine on my localhost wordpress. But when I host my website on free hosting server it does nothing. Can you please guide me how I solve this problem.

  • Comment by Lenny

    Great post – I went with “TinyMCE Advanced” and I’m currently using it on most of my blogs. I think, espacially for bloggers with academic content, embeded LaTeX code could work fine aswell.

    Thanks for the overview!
    Best Regards Lenny

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    No problem. Glad you found the article useful :)

  • Comment by Lisa

    Thank you for this list! Tables was the last thing I was struggling with b’cuz WP was always skewing them -I could *never* get them straight. After checking out all of your recommendations, I have to say I like #1: WP Table Reloaded.

    I really didn’t feel like mucking around with code like in Easy Table creator and the others just seems too complicated. I *love* the fact that I can reuse those tables in other pages -who knew? Plus, I can create my own author sig line for various purposes.

    Again, thanks for the line up -I needed that!