How To Create A Google+ Page

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I’ve had a Google+ account since the service launched. I’ve not really used my account much but when using Gmail last night I saw that there was an option to create a page for your website or business; much like the way you can create a Facebook page for your site. Unknown to me, the service had just been launched!

I am not sure how often I will use it due to my participation in the forums and on Facebook however I quickly setup a page for WP Mods on Google+ last night. You’ll be glad to know that the process only takes a few minutes.

How To Create A Google+ Page For Your Website

The first thing you need to do is go to business area of Google+. There you will see a video explaining Google+ and a link to ‘Create Your Google+ Page’.

Next you need to choose your category. I don’t think it makes a difference whether you set your website as a company, arts and sports or other. From here you can enter your page name, your website address and set whether your page is restricted to people who are 18 or 21 or over. You can also set the page to be alcohol related; which I assume adjusts the minimum age depending on the age limit to drink in a particular country.

How To Create A Google+ Page

Next you can set the tagline of your new page and choose a profile picture for it.

How To Create A Google+ Page

That’s pretty much all there is to it. It also encourages you at the end to tell people from your personal Google+ profile about your new page.

How To Create A Google+ Page

If you choose to share your new page with your circles, a pop up will display to let you customise your message to your followers.

How To Create A Google+ Page

With no one in your circles and no messages, your profile will look pretty bare initially. This will change once you update your page more with comments, links and photos and promote your new page to your website visitors.

WP Mods On Google+

So Why Create A Google+ Page?

There are millions of people using Google+. It’s still behind Twitter and Facebook in the ‘active users’ stakes though it does seem to be growing and Google seems to be pushing the service heavily so I’m sure it will get more popular as time goes by.

Google also understand the importance of speaking with your visitors and customers. Google Pages includes an in depth analytics service and are letting developers create applications for it using the Google+ API. Their webcam conferencing feature Google Hangouts also seems like it will be an important part of connecting to your followers.

At the moment I still think connecting with your visitors using Twitter and Facebook is more important but this could all change therefore I encourage you to take a minute or two out of your time and create a page for your website on Google+.

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Link: Google+ Pages

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  • Comment by Jarkko

    It would be nice to see how big hit will that be in the future. At least it is better than FB…