What Is The Best E-Commerce Niche? (Poll)

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Online retail websites have come into their own since the turn of the decade, with a growing number of content resources dedicated to e-Commerce. Successfully selling merchandise on the Internet used to require top-notch programming talent combined with tedious maintenance that could only be afforded by large companies with major brand exposure.

With the invention of e-Commerce premium WordPress themes, paid downloads are packaged as-is and can be implemented immediately with little or no code manipulation. The WooCommerce management system is highly responsible for this (a significant percentage of themes currently run off of WooCommerce), but the credit truly goes to the natural evolution of the open marketplace.

In this week’s poll, we ask our readers to give opinions on what the best e-Commerce niche for WordPress sites will be this year.



Clothing and apparel is a traditional standby when it comes to online retail due to a global market that is keenly interested in products that may not be available in local brick & mortar stores. Shipping logistics improvements have made the virtual sale of wardrobe accessories a much more viable option for WordPress website owners. Various themes offer everything from one-click customizable item pages to shopping cart capabilities.

The downside to turning your website into a clothing outlet is the enormous amount of competition and dwindling profit margins associated with the industry.


For years, I’ve felt that print media has had one foot in the proverbial grave. While this might be true, a cult market continues to exist as prices for ancient literature skyrockets when concerning engineering, scientific and spiritual topics. That said, digital media is doubtlessly the wave of the future as DVD discs begin their exit in a fashion similar to 8-track and audio cassettes.

Having an e-Commerce site that revolves around the sale of literature may require higher content standards (blog, industry news feeds, etc.) than other industries, but the reward could be immense.

Property/Real Estate

Real Estate

Technically speaking, most WordPress users consider Real Estate sites in a category of their own. However, most templates designed beyond 2010 exhibit similar traits to online retail; exchanging a Shopping Cart for a Virtual Map. The highly vital search function is a cornerstone of any large-mass real estate website, and a brokerage with a diversified portfolio (in multiple regions) stands to gain the most long-term due to fluctuating property prices.

Motorized Vehicles

Cars, trucks, RVs, boats, and more are sold daily on thousands of WordPress websites that range in nature from affiliate marketers to direct sales lots. While this industry suffers from competition similar to the clothing & apparel industry, it’s hard to argue about the setup costs. Some premium templates are even custom-built to accommodate motorized vehicle content straight out of the package; making configuration a matter of inserting one’s unique content.

Video Games

Video game e-Commerce sites often double as review destinations and may depend on separate blog and news feeds in order to garner the traffic necessary to make affiliate marketing a success. Indie game developers have an edge over indirect salesmen in this category if they are able to create several successful games and promote them directly.

However, the future of video games is strongly trending toward digital media and reduced end-consumer rights. The relationship gamers have with programmable property will soon cease to involve any handling of intellectual property. Players will purchase & play, with the actual game and save states stored via the Cloud. This reality is already transforming the video game industry as affiliate marketers entice readers to make purchases of Downloadable Content (DLC) along with virtual coupon cards.

This Week’s Poll

In this week’s poll, we would like you to give us your opinion on what the best e-Commerce niche is. Several categories are listed below, plus you can write in another option if needed.

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