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Ben Gremillion started playing with pixels in the mid-1980s and building websites circa 1997. When not hiking or stargazing, he crafts HTML and CSS, spends a lot of time debugging PHP and MySQL, ponders the details of user experience, and injects bits of personality into staid websites. He blogs about his lessons learned in web design at benthinkin.net.

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True to its blogging roots, WordPress’s atomic unit of information — the humble post — is well-suited to maintaining the stereotype to which WordPress falls victim. In short: “WordPress? It’s just a blog.” Plugins, themes, and widgets go far to dressing the venerable CMS as a fully-fledged website platform, but fail to hide the fact that at least half of WordPress is dedicated to managing articles arranged in chronological order and grouped into categories. As long as WordPress retains its blog-like structure, arguing otherwise is an uphill battle. Thinking beyond the stereotype, how else can designers use WordPress? The problem […]