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Code snippets are a great way of sharing useful code with other website owners and programmers. All the reader has to do is copy and paste the code you publish into the correct area of their website. As you know, you cannot simply add HTML code to your articles or the code will be executed. In this article, I will show you two ways in which you can publish code in your articles effectively and avoid this issue of HTML code being actioned. How to Insert HTML Code Using the Code Tag The HTML tag <code> is used to display […]

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Designing, developing and maintaining a website can be a grossly time-consuming process. Outsourcing any or all of these processes is a great option, if you can afford it. If you can’t, the next best approach is one of my favorites – keep it simple, stupid. Simplicity is key to ensuring that your site has the best look, rankings and support possible. One option for keeping things simple is using the Genesis framework. The Genesis Framework is supported by StudioPress, a provider of premium WordPress themes.  Calling itself “the industry standard in WordPress design frameworks,” Genesis provides a one-stop, easy and […]

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This is a tutorial for plugin developers that explains the basics of the Plugin API or Application Programming Interface. Chances are, if you are seeking to learn about becoming a WordPress plugin developer, you probably have worked with some APIs in the past. The WordPress plugin API is one that was developed so WordPress developers no longer have to use outdated hacks to add special features to WordPress. Before WordPress version 1.2, the only way to do such modification was with hacks. The term hack is no longer necessary with the WordPress plugin API because it adds hooks for developers […]

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WordPress’s power comes from its plugins. The core version of WordPress can be used for a simple blog or content website, however without plugins your website would lack features and be susceptible to spam and malicious attacks. With over twenty eight thousand free plugins listed in the official plugin directory and thousands more in premium plugin stores such as Getspool; it can be difficult to find the plugins you need. In this article, I have listed what I believe to be the best WordPress plugins available online. Plugins have been grouped into categories. Some plugins, such as backup and caching […]

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This is the best giveaway we have had at WPHub yet. We have teamed up with our good friends at Elegant Themes to give away 3 Lifetime Accounts to our followers valued at $249 each and it includes their newest theme Divi Theme. If you don’t know about Elegant Themes you can check them out here. They offer some the most beautiful premium WordPress themes in the world. You can also check out their newest theme Divi on YouTube: This is a very simple contest to qualify for and 3 lucky people will win a Lifetime Account to Elegant Themes. […]