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It did not take long for Google Analytics to become the de-facto standard web analytics service for webmasters after its initial release in late 2005. The service allows you to track a wide range of statistics about your visitors including location, browser, demographics and more. The service is free to use, however there is a premium version available if you have $150,000 lying around the house :) Today, I would like to walk you through of the most interesting features that Google Analytics offers. The service has become much more advanced than it was when it launched eight years ago; […]

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For many, the secret to good design is subtlety. I know I for one I am a bit turned off by overly “loud” websites with garish colors or over-the-top patterns. I like to keep it simple, clean, and attractive. Which is why when I stumbled across the Background Patterns plugin for WordPress I knew I had to share it with everyone here at WPHub. It’s completely uncomplicated and 100% useful. Oh, and it’s free. Which is always nice. What is it exactly? It’s nothing more than a plugin that once installed allows you to access a large library of subtle […]

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If you’ve been wondering whether a WordCamp will be heading to your area soon, the final part of the 2013 calendar year may provide you with an opportunity to attend the informal WordPress conferences that have become a staple of the community. In fact, there are a total of six WordCamps slated for the remainder of November, beginning on November 15th with WordCamp Edmonton. This event is taking place the day this article is being written and is a one-day event, but there are other WordCamps on tap for this weekend that begin on Saturday and will last through Sunday […]

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This is an advanced tutorial for WordPress developers looking for ways to secure their WordPress blog or website beyond that of the everyday user. I will demonstrate how implement some of the more advanced security measures into your WordPress website or blog to enhance the security of your website and server. This is the fourth and final part to my series of WordPress Security tutorials. You can find the provioous articles here: WordPress Security Tips; In-depth Guide to WordPress Security; Advanced WordPress Security Tips. You might want to read those first to get an idea of what should be done […]

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WordCamps have become increasingly popular since their inception in 2006, with WordPress users across six continents joining forces to share information and tactics on how to best take advantage of the open source platform that so many of us have come to rely on daily. Earlier last month, WordCamp organizers staged the very first WordCamp that represented not only a city or country, but an entire continent. WordCamp Europe was deemed a huge success according to those who were in attendance; which could result in more camps being subsequently held in an effort to encompass entire regions. According to an […]